I use a Saniderm bandage to heal my tattoos.



Saniderm utilizes the body's enzymes that naturally rebuild dead skin and help heal the trauma that has affected the skin. Without Saniderm, these fluids tend to dry out, get wiped away, or are otherwise interrupted from fully healing your new tattoo. Saniderm locks in these healing enzymes to help naturally heal your tattoo to prevent discoloration.


Once the Saniderm tattoo bandaged is placed on the skin, you can leave it alone and live your life knowing your new tattoo is being continually cared for through all the tattoo healing stages. Completely malleable and able to move with your body, feel free to work out, move as you please, and live your life as is necessary without having to worry about your tattoo rubbing against anything, risking friction against your tattoo, or getting it dry. Please leave the Saniderm tattoo bandage on for 3-5 days. It’s also important that a fresh tattoo be protected from direct sunlight and dirty environments. All normal activities involving water or sun exposure can usually be resumed after 10-14 days.


Using Saniderm to care for a tattoo, means you don't need messy tattoo aftercare creams or ointments. Once placed onto your skin, it locks in your skins naturally producing healing enzymes that help your tattoo heal brighter, without the chance of discoloration or bacteria from soaps and ointments.


After the 3-5 days you may remove the bandage. Let the bandage soak under warm water to help soften the adhesive. Peal the bandage off slowly from the edges. Once you have completely removed the bandage you need to wash the tattoo thoroughly massaging by hand with fragrance free anti-bacterial soap. Allow the tattoo to completely dry either by air drying or gently pat it dry with a paper towel. The tattoo will be dry and itchy, and a good quality, fragrance-free lotion can now be used until the skin returns to its normal texture.